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We understand everybody is unique. Different people have different needs, so chiropractors' take an holistic approach and provide care accordingly.


Whether you are a ‘weekend warrior’ or an elite level athlete, getting the most from your body allows you to perform at your best. With a focus on the nervous system and its control over body function, and an understanding of functional biomechanics and anatomy, chiropractors have a significant role to play for sports people.

Chiropractic care can assist in the management of injuries as well as help maintain and enhance personal performance. A healthy nervous system will improve flexibility, balance, hand eye coordination and mind body connection. Participating with optimal control allows you to move better, respond more appropriately and react more effectively, helping you to reach your full potential and get closer to your athletic goals.


Dr. Cherye Roche

Learn about the national and international organisations for sports chiropractic.



Throughout pregnancy, there will be many physiological and hormonal changes as your body prepares for the birth of a baby. You may experience extra strain through the lumbar spinal vertebra, or an aggravated mid spine from a growing baby that causes the lower rib cage to expand. Upper thoracic strain due to increased breast size is a common problem, along with pelvic subluxation (misalignment) which alters the pelvic opening.

Chiropractic can help you better manage these changes through the detection, prevention, and correction of fetal malposition. It can also relieve back ache or pelvic discomfort, as well as improve pelvic alignment and reduce labour times.


Dr. Jenna Duehr

Gives a summary of safety evidence and an overview of the gentle techniques used.


Movement, sensations and experiences in the first few years of life are paramount for brain development and building neural connections. Functional restrictions, imbalances or distortions to the delicate spinal tissue can have lasting consequences for optimal nerve system growth. Chiropractors who see newborns, infants and children have undertaken specific training and modify their techniques to be suitable for these most precious patients.



Much like you and I, children experience stressors as they go about day-to-day life, which have an impact on the natural function of their bodies. While their stressors may be different to those of an adult: playground and sports accidents, academic stress and too much birthday cake consumption on occasion; their body will process those stressors in much the same way yours does, and vertebral subluxations may result as your child tries to innately adapt.

During childhood the entire body is still rapidly developing and growing. Left unchecked these stressors may have an accumulative impact on how a child’s body functions both in specific regions and as a whole. If you want to help your child's body function at its best, a visit to your family chiropractor is a fantastic way to start.


Growing up is difficult and adolescence can put a lot of stress on the body. From mental academic stress, physical stress from sports, or even just carrying around a heavy school bag and sitting for long hours. In time these stressors may build up and impact the natural function of the body.

Our body tends to adapt and compensate for these stressors as we grow, so without intervention, this can start a pattern of poor posture and bad habits, leading to more problems in the future. Chiropractic aims to take some of that stress off the body and ensure that the spine and nervous system is working at its best.


Dr. Aimee Sims

Explains why chiropractic is important for teens.



Many people put aches, pains, dizziness and balance disorders down to “just getting older”. However, chiropractic has been shown to improve these conditions, and reduce the risk of falls which often leads to debilitating immobility (Holt et al, 2012; Holt et al, 2016).

An ability to maintain an active lifestyle is a key driver of health and vitality and warding off disease and ill-health in our senior population (McPhee et al, 2016). Regular chiropractic care can allow you to keep active, so you can enjoy your retirement doing all the things you love.


Dr. Miranda Moorghen

Outlines how chiropractic care can reduce health risks in the older generation.


Most pets are vertebrates and therefore have a nervous system and a spine. As with us, nerves control everything and day-to-day stressors affect them as well. Emotional, chemical and physical circumstances can all cause regions of the musculoskeletal system to become restricted as it tries to innately adapt. This impacts how well the nervous system can communicate with, and self regulate, the body. Animal chiropractic focuses on the preservation and health of this neuro-musculo-skeletal system. It is best used in conjunction with veterinary care, to give your beloved animal companion optimal quality of life.

Dr. Todd Keenan

Discusses animal chiropractic and takes us through an adjustment.


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