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The interconnected body

Chiropractic works with the body’s natural healing ability to improve overall health and wellbeing and allow the body to function at its best.

The spine protects the nervous system that connects the brain to the body. The health of this innate process is crucial to everything we do in daily life. A subluxation is a segment of the spine that is not moving or functioning properly, disrupting the sensory information being sent to the brain and affecting our brains ability to accurately sense our internal and external environment and respond appropriately to the needs of our body. 



A complex organ that constantly sends and receives messages to and from the body. The brain is so important to our life that it is housed and protected by bone - the skull.

Spinal cord

Spinal Cord:

The main highway in our body that carries messages from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain.


Peripheral Nerves:

Nerves branch off the spinal cord at different levels and go to every organ and tissue in our body. These nerves carry messages that control every function of our body.



These are our spinal bones, they connect to each other through joints, ligaments and muscles.  The vertebrae allow our body to move, whilst also protecting the spinal cord from damage.

Vertebral Subluxation

Unlock pathways to optimise health and increase vitality

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research and evidence

This holistic ethos is backed by science

How the Spine Influences Strength

Dr Heidi Haavik summarises 20 years of research and evidence on how the spine impacts the brain's ability to contract muscles producing force.

9 minutes

Identity & Confidence

Dr. Tanja Glucina talks about how professional identity links to wellbeing and competence. Leading to how we can best match a practitioner to a patient.

4 minutes

Mild Brain Injury

Dr. Alice Cade talks through research that explores how we can better diagnose mild traumatic brain injury, which is a common problem in the New Zealand population.

8 minutes

Highly trained healthcare professionals

Chiropractors' specialise in the analysis and correction of vertebral subluxations. They complete a minimum of 5 years intensive study, covering subjects such as; anatomy & physiology, neurology and nutrition. The New Zealand College of Chiropractic is accredited nationally by NZQA and internationally by the CCEA and has the highest graduating clinical requirements of any chiropractic college worldwide.

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